"St. John's Home was started as a home for the destitute and the really poor.  There are also other families who require care from institutions like ours.  We are not a Government-funded Home, and it gives us great challenge, therefore, to rally the community to support the elderly."  

 Woon Wee Yim, Chairman of the Management Committee

Our Home

Established in December 1958, St. John's Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home for elderly persons aged 60 and above who are ambulant. 

Our mission is to provide shelter and care for the physical and spiritual needs of such elderly persons as have no home or suitable accommodation and no children or close relatives who have adequate resources for looking after them.  The Home is open to all regardless of race or creed. 


Tax Deductions on Donations Made

As an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), monetary donations to the Home qualify for tax deduction of 250%.

In other words, donors who made monetary contributions to the Home can enjoy tax exemption, at 2.5 times the amount donated. 


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Our Residents

Elderly persons admitted to our Home usually face family or financial situations such as:

i)     being no longer able to care for themselves due to old age and physical/medical problems;

ii)    having no immediate family, or having family members who have passed away or who are themselves elderly and are thus no longer able to provide care;

iii)   severe conflict within the family (with spouse or children/children-in-law, and conflict between children and their spouse); 

iv) financial problems which make commercial Homes out of reach.

The Home's licenced capacity is 102 elderly residents.

Our Needs 

Since the Home started operations in December 1958, we have been located at our present site at 69 Wan Tho Avenue. From 1 January 2016, the Government has granted us a fresh 30-year lease, on a smaller land area of 3,300sqm on our present site. Concurrently, we are also granted a three-plus-three year land tenancy on the remaining 8,924sqm land area that we are currently occupying.  

We will have to construct a new five-storey building on the 30-year lease land, to meet a plot ratio of 1.4 required by the Government. Construction will begin in January 2019. When we move into the new building, we will also increase our licenced capacity from the present 102 to 150 elderly persons.

 In the past few years, the Home has stepped up our fundraising efforts. But as a relatively small Charity with limited resources, it is a huge challenge to raise the $2 million to $3 million per year in additional funds for our Building Redevelopment project. And we invite you to support us, either by volunteering your services or by helping us to raise funds. 


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