Visiting of residents

Visitors who are found to be not adhering to the following points would be denied entry or escorted out of the premises.

a. Visit is allowed by pre-designated visitors only. Sponsors to advise our Home the names of the four (maximum) pre-designated visitors for the resident.

b. The pre-designated visitors list should not be changed once designated.

c. Only two pre-designated visitors are allowed per resident at any time. The four pre-designated visitors should not come at the same time or visit one after another.

d.  Each visit is limited to 60 minutes.

e. Visitors should schedule visitation appointments in advance. 

Click here to indicate the time 

Or call 62854446 to make an appointment.

f.  Due to limitation of safe visiting venue, our Home is able to accommodate only two visitors (for the same resident) at any one point in time.

g.  Visitors should wear medical masks at all times during the duration of the visit and adhere to safe management measures (e.g. maintain 1 metre distance from resident, observe hand hygiene protocols before entering and leaving the visitation area).

h.  Visitors must be pre-screened at the gate and complete declaration form before entering the Home.

i.  All visitors must use TraceTogether App or Token.

j.  No physical contact is allowed between visitors and resident.

k.  Visitors will be escorted to the designated meeting area and should remain in the area throughout the visit.

Outing or Medical Appointments

a. Staying out of St. John's Home premises should be within 8 hours, after which, the resident will need to be subjected to the isolation and swabbing protocols.

b. Outings for more than 8 hours are typically not allowed as our Home has very limited isolation facility.

c. All residents must carry the Trace Together Token during the outing.  Please collect residents' token from our office.

d. Visitors must inform us of the outing schedule in advance.

Click here to indicate the time

Or call us at 62854446 to inform us.

Thank you for your cooperation to keep our residents safe!

(Updated 6 January 2021)

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