All visitors, kindly observe the following as per the advisory from MOH/MSF.  Visitors who do not cooperate would be denied entry or escorted out of our premises.  All visitors will be required to go through the Antigen Rapid Test (ART). If the test result is positive or twice tested invalid, the visitor must immediately make his/her own way to the nearest clinic for the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab test at his/her own cost. Thank you.

所有访客请注意以下根据卫生部/社会及家庭发展部的咨询。违反以下几点的访客将被拒绝进入或被护送出我们的场所。所有访客都必进行抗原快速检测 (ART)。如果检测结果呈阳性或两次检测无效,访客必须立即自行前往最近的诊所进行聚合酶链反应 (PCR) 拭子检测,费用自理。 谢谢您。

Before coming to our Home 来养老院之前

1. Visit is allowed for pre-designated visitors only. Sponsors to advise our Home the names of the two (maximum) pre-designated visitors of the resident.


2. The pre-designated visitors list should not be changed once designated.


3. Only one pre-designated visitor is allowed per resident at any time. The two pre-designated visitors should not come at the same time or visit one after another.


4. Visitors must inform us the visitation or outing for medical appointments, at least two working days in advance


Click here to indicate the time 

Or call 62854446 to make an appointment.

5. Please do not come to our Home if you do not hear from us about your visit schedule.


Visiting of Residents 拜访居民

1. Please arrive 40 minutes prior to the designated visit time.


2. Visitors must follow the usual check-in and temperature taking procedures before entering our premises.  All visitors must use TraceTogether App or Token.

    访客在进入我们的场所之前必须遵循通常的登记和体温测量程序。所有访客必须使用 “合力追踪”(TraceTogether)手机应用或携手防疫器(token)登记入场。

3. All visitors are also required to go through the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) with guidance from our staff. This process will take about 30 minutes.  The visitor can proceed to meet the resident if the ART result is negative. You can view here MOH's guide on ART.

    所有访客还需要在我们工作人员的指导下通过抗原快速检测 (ART)。这个过程大约需要 30 分钟。如果 ART 结果为阴性,访客可以继续会见居民。您可以在此处查看 卫生部 的 ART 指南

4.  Each resident meet-up is limited to 30 minutes.

    每次居民聚会仅限于 30 分钟。

5.  Visitors should wear medical masks at all times during the duration of the visit and adhere to safe management measures (e.g. maintain one-metre distance from resident, observe hand hygiene protocols before entering and leaving the visitation area).


6.  No physical contact is allowed between visitors and resident.


7.  Visitors will be guided to the designated meeting area and should remain in the area throughout the visit.


Essential Medical Appointments  必要的医疗预约

1. Please postpone all non-essential medical appointments to a date later than 18 August 2021.

    请将所有非必要的医疗预约推迟到 2021 年 8 月 18 日之后。

2. All residents must carry the TraceTogether Token during the outing.  Please collect residents' token from our office.

    所有居民在外出时必须携带“合力追踪” 携手防疫器(TraceTogether token)。请到我们的办公室领取居民的携手防疫器。

No Social Outings  不允许社交郊游

1. All social outings for residents are strongly discouraged, including those with family members and sponsors.



Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your loved ones and our residents safe!  感谢您的合作,确保您的亲人和我们居民的安全!

(The above may not be exhaustive and subject to changes. We request all visitors to follow the instructions from our staff on-duty.  Thank you.  以上内容可能会更改。我们要求所有访客遵循我们值班人员的指示。谢。

Updated 20 August 2021

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