The flowchart below explains our Admission Application process.


There are basically two types of elderly Homes in Singapore - Sheltered Homes and Nursing Homes.
St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home, under the purview of Ministry of Social and Family Development.

To apply, you can either:

  • 2) get hardcopies of the forms from our Admin office

Criteria For Application

  • Applicants, regardless of race or religion, should be at least 60 years old (in exceptional circumstances, Government approval may be sought for those between 50 and 60);
  • They should be ADL (Activities of Daily Living)-independent and ambulant;
  • TWO Sponsors who are residing and working in Singapore are required;
  • Other criteria are stated in the common Admission Application Form of Sheltered Homes.

Guidelines for Completing the Application Form

  • Complete the common Admission Application Form of Sheltered Homes, including the Medical Report (Section C of the form, to be completed by a doctor). Various reports/attachments required as stated in the form are to be provided;
  • Complete the Resident Assessment Form (RAF, to be completed by a doctor);
  • Obtain and attach a Chest X-ray Report;
  • Complete the Sponsors Forms (appended to this document), one for each sponsor, duly signed. Statutory Declaration form is NOT required at the point of application;
  • Send the completed application form, chest X-ray report, medical report, RAF and sponsors’ forms to St. John’s Home For Elderly Persons.


  • We will inform you if your application for admission can be considered, and then invite you for an interview;
  • Both Sponsors must attend the interview together with the applicant;
  • If the applicant is on Public Assistance, the Medical Social Worker or someone assigned should attend the interview with the applicant.