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We are hiring. Join SJHEP.

Our Home

Established in December 1958, St. John's Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home for elderly persons who are ambulant and aged above 60.

Our Mission is to provide shelter and care to meet the physical and spiritual needs of elderly persons who have no home and no children or close relatives with adequate resources to care for them.

The Home is open to all regardless of race or creed.

A Brand-New Home!

We have moved!

The new building for St John’s Home for Elderly Persons is situated 1 Willow Avenue, Singapore 347508.

The new Home's licensed capacity is 144 elderly Residents.


Residents will enjoy vastly improved facilities in the new building;

4 Residents in a 47sqm Room

In addition, residents will live in a 47sqm apartment, with a pantry, a small lounge with a TV, an attached toilet and a bathroom. You will have your own cosy corner of 4.5 sqm, with a comfortable Libra bed, closet, and writing table, with curtains for privacy.

High Technology for Optimum Health Care

The Home will be equipped with high sophisticated technology that will monitor residents’ movements and activities at all times. To prevent falls, administer timely care and track meals taken. Communication systems will enable residents to keep in touch with loved ones with ease.

Improved physiotherapy facilities including a hydrotherapy pool

A new area for physiotherapy will be available to all residents who are able to participate in such activities under the guidance of a therapist. For those who are less able, the use of a hydrotherapy pool will be beneficial to them.


Our Home is run based on Christian values and principles and we offer shelter to any elderly person regardless of race or religion. Whatever your needs are, please feel free to call us for a discussion.

As part of the overall improvements, increased fees will be applicable to new admissions to the Home at SGD 2,190 per month plus GST with effect from 1 March 2024.

For more details and information on rooms and cost, please contact the General Manager.

St. John's Home Financial Aid Fund

St. John's Home for Elderly Persons will continue to be a Home for the elderly in need of shelter so none of our residents will be denied accommodation for financial reasons. We have therefore established a Financial Aid Fund, funded by generous donations, which will subsidise the fees for residents who cannot afford the fees stated above.

If you need financial assistance, you are invited to apply for a subsidy. You can download the Financial Aid Application Form here.

Please contact our General Manager if you have questions.

Other download: Admission Form

Only pre-designated visitors are allowed.  Kindly contact us should you need any assistance.

Click here for Visitation Guidelines with effect from 13 February 2023.

 Home Leave/Outing

For sponsors of residents, applying for Home Leave or outing, please contact us. 

Click here for Application Form for Home Leave or Outing.


We are hiring!

If you are passionate about serving in the elderly sector, we invite you to be part of our team.

Click here for vacancies available. Apply Now!

"St. John's Home was started as a Home for the destitute and the really poor. We are not a government-subvented Home and depend largely on the public's generosity to enable us to continue our work as a Registered Charity. "

Woon Wee Yim, Chairman of the Management Committee

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