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Elderly persons admitted to our Home usually face family or financial situations such as:

1. being no longer able to care for themselves due to old age and physical or medical problems;

2. having no immediate family, or having family members who have passed away or who are themselves elderly and are thus no longer able to provide care;

3. having severe conflicts within the family;

4. having financial problems that make commercially operated sheltered homes out of their reach.

The Home's licensed capacity at 1 Willow Avenue will be 144.

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Residential Care

As a Sheltered Home for needy elderly persons, we provide long-term residential care including accommodation, meals, laundry and basic medical care.

Physiotherapy Programme

We have physiotherapy exercises six days a week for our Residents with their respective Individual Care Plan (ICP) reviewed every six months.

The programme includes individual and group physiotherapy exercises, occupational-recreational therapy and bedside exercises.

A professional physiotherapist assesses our Residents' physical conditions, plans suitable programmes, monitors their progress and guides our in-house Physiotherapy Aides to implement the ICP.

Counselling Services

Professional counsellors conduct Individual and Group Counselling sessions (Life Review Group and Emotional Management Group).

Our in-house Assistant Counsellor provides counselling care to our Residents five days a week.

Worship and Fellowship Gatherings

Sessions are conducted by volunteers.  Prayer and Praise Fellowship sessions are held on weekdays and Church Services are conducted on Sundays.

Medical Services

For Residents who are on the Public Assistance (PA) Scheme, our staff escorts them for their medical appointments.

For non-PA Residents, we track their drug prescriptions and medical appointments and ensure that their family or relatives attend to their medical needs in a timely manner.

We also provide Basic First Aid for our Residents whenever necessary.

Other Programmes and Activities

There are also weekly activities planned and conducted by our volunteers and staff to keep our Residents active, engaging them socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These include Christian Fellowship sessions, karaoke and sing-a-long sessions, board games, Bingo! and morning exercises.

There are also many visits and outings organised by corporate, group and individual volunteers.

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