Charity Adoption and CSR

Charity Adoption and CSR

Due to the pandemic, activities which involves direct physical interaction with our residents are prohibited.  However, we welcome companies and organisations to adopt our Home as their CSR Partner.

Meal Sponsorships

If you would like to sponsor meals (breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner), you'd like to know that we have about 85 elderly Residents and 25 staff. Please ensure all food brought in must be from NEA approved caterers for purpose of food safety for our Residents and staff..

Fundraising Initiatives

Please contact us if you would like to raise funds for our Home.

You can also set up a online fundraising page on Read more here.



It is a simple and straight-forward process.

Step 1: Call or email us with:

  • - Date, Time of your CSR programme
  • - How many volunteers will be attending (our location can accommodate to a maximum of 35 volunteers)
  • - What are the activities you have in mind

Contact Person: Paul
Contact No.: 6285 4446


Step 2: We will get back to you on the availability

  • - once your event is confirmed, please let us know at least two weeks in advance whether you are providing food and drinks. This is to help our kitchen staff plan the food menu.
  • - you can start planning for your CSR visit
  • - please appoint someone to:

i) be emcee for the event

ii) operate the sound system

Step 3: We’re ready to go!

See you at the Home!


Activities you can consider:

  • - karaoke
  • - Bingo! (we have Bingo! sets.  Kindly supply the Bingo! cards)
  • - arts & crafts
  • - table games (do not require our elderly Residents to move around in the Dining hall)
  • - performances
  • - general maintenance
  • - area cleaning

Contact Us Today to Kickstart Your CSR Programme!

Contact Person: Paul
Contact No.: 6285 4446


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