60 Dollar A Day

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60 Dollar A Day

Posted by Monica Chia on 12-Sep-2021 08:45:00
Monica Chia

It takes $60 a day to support one elderly resident in our Home.

Elderly persons admitted to our Home usually face family or financial situations such as:
1. being no longer able to care for themselves due to old age and physical or medical problems;
2. having no immediate family, or having family members who have passed away or who are themselves elderly and are thus no longer able to provide care;
3. having severe conflicts within the family;
4. having financial problems that make commercially operated sheltered homes out of their reach.

"60-Dollar A Day" is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the day-to-day provisions to our elderly residents.  The campaign will run from 12 September 2021 to 30 April 2022.


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We are not a Government-subvented Home and depend largely on the public's generosity to enable us to continue our work. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

This campaign is matched by Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.  Your donations are multiplied!

We thank you for supporting our elderly residents.

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