All they need is 15 minutes…

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All they need is 15 minutes…

Posted by Pearl Lee on 21-Jan-2021 12:40:21

I walked to my neighbourhood market this morning for breakfast and some “auntie” shopping as my daughter would call it. On the way back I met an 80-year-old lady and somehow, we began to chat. My Mandarin is at best rudimentary but I struggled on, sensing she wanted to talk. At first it was about how cheap the fruits n veggies were at the stalls this morning but slowly I found out she lived in the area with her daughter and family. She spoke crisply and clearly, with a very strong accent since she originally was from Shanghai.
We spoke about this and that for maybe 15 mins (with me grasping maybe 50% of what she said, nodding my head when really I had no clue what she was saying!) and finally as we went our separately ways she said “you know I have probably spoken longer with you today than I have all week with my family...”.
I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad that that is the reality of ageing for some people these days but happy that I was able to make the day a little bit better for a sweet old lady.
Spare a minute for our elderly ... they only need us to be there, listening, even if it is only for a few minutes.
Soon it will be our turn...


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