For self-care, I challenge myself.

Posted by Monica Chia on 14-May-2022 10:00:00
Monica Chia

After two years of social distancing and virtual meetings, most of us are eagerly planning on activities we enjoyed in “pre-Covid” times. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the grim tunnel!

In retrospect, with God’s Grace, I gained a good level of self-development in the past two years, amidst the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

I went back to school and graduated with a Specialist Diploma in Data Science for Business. The skills my classmates and I attained were very relevant to our work. Patting ourselves on the back, most of us agreed that it made our reports at work more analytical and arguments, smarter.

I also picked up Japanese. The challenge of manoeuvring the grammar and pronunciations of a third language ignited the right sparks during the many “languishing moments” due to the intermittent feeling of isolation from the prolonged Work-From-Home arrangement.

Besides equipping myself with new found skills, the best part was that the course fees were minimal. For the Specialist Diploma, as a Singapore Citizen above 40 years old, I only needed to pay about 10% of the course fees. As for the Japanese language course, thanks to the grant from National Silver Academy (, I needed to pay only about 50% of the fees. The fees can be paid using my SkillsFuture credits.

Learning started on the day we were born, and hopefully, it should only end when we meet Him. For me, the world seemed bigger and more vibrant when I pick up a new skill, or challenge myself in getting out of my comfort zone. I also see it as a responsibility to my family and loved ones that I am taking care of myself, mentally.

After more than one-year of study, I am still continuing with the Japanese Language Course. I am looking forward to my first rail tour travels in the country of sushi and sakura when its borders open up. Ganbatte!

- Contributed by Monica Chia

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