Making The Moves

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Making The Moves

Posted by Monica Chia on 15-Aug-2021 09:51:00
Monica Chia

Physiotherapy is crucial for the well-being of our elderly residents. Our current physiotherapy equipment is now old and worn. We need dedicated equipment to cater for 150 residents in our new building, which we plan to move in in October 2021.

"Making The Moves" is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the Home to purchase physiotherapy equipment for the elderly residents.  The campaign will run from 15 August 2021 to 14 August 2022.

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Our elderly residents aged between 61 and 98 years old enjoy Personalised Physiotherapy Programme, keeping them from deteriorating to disability. A professional physiotherapist assesses our residents, plans suitable programmes, monitors progress and guides our physiotherapy-aides to conduct the programme for each resident.

These include exercises under the Individual Care Plan, mass physiotherapy sessions, cognitive and recreational exercises and bed-side exercises.

This campaign is matched by Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.  Your donations are multiplied!

We thank you for supporting our elderly residents.

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