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Pau for PA

Posted by Monica Chia on 21-Dec-2020 10:45:00
Monica Chia

About 30% of our residents are under the Public Assistance (PA) Scheme. The PA funds are disbursed monthly to our Home to defray the costs of providing for these residents.

Give a Pau for PA

It takes about $1,900 to provide for one resident, and with the PA fund of $600 per month, per resident, there is a monthly shortfall of $900 per "PA" resident, or more than $200,000 per year with our current enrolment.

"Pau for PA" is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for this shortfall. "Pau" is bun in Mandarin, a warm and comforting food to many of our elderly residents.

St. John's Home is a home to many elderly residents without any accommodation or a suitable accommodation, a basic need for a person.

We thank you for supporting our elderly residents.

Donate here:

Give a Pau for PA

Or Download the form and email a scanned copy to:

This campaign is matched by Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.

This campaign will end on 19 Dec 2021.

(updated on 6 August 2021.)

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