Saying Goodbye to our Old Home

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Saying Goodbye to our Old Home

Posted by L Lee on 14-Dec-2021 17:10:17

While we are excited to move into our new Home, we are sad to say goodbye to a place we called home for so long.  Built during an era of uncertainty and unimaginable challenges as a nation, for many, this was our only home.  At that time, Singapore began what seemed like an impossible journey to where we are today as a country.  During that time, St. John’s Home was a place that stayed true to her mission of helping and caring for elderly persons of all creeds, race, or religion.  It is this old home that many elderly persons with no family spent their remaining years in. Saying goodbye now feels like saying goodbye to the old Singapore and leaving a piece of our history behind.

However, we pray and hope that we will move into our new home taking with us the best of our memories and joys of the past.  We will never forget the times we had there and the friendships that we have fostered over the years.  For some, we will always remember the many hours sitting near the fruit trees just enjoying the breeze with family and friends.  Who can forget the adventures that we went on with volunteers that took us to visit places we have not been before?  Remember the school children that brought with them so much fun and laughter as they visited our home.  What about the crazy Gala Dinners that we had so much fun at? We also cherished very much the care and warmth of our loving and dedicated staff that was always there when we needed their help. For some, the chapel was an unforgettable place for reflection and prayer.

Only by God’s grace, we were able to build and complete this new home during an epidemic unlike no other in our history.  When we move into the new home in a few days’ time, what matters most is that we take with us in our hearts -- the true spirit of St. John’s home --  by first placing our trust in God and always caring for each other and those who need our help the most. 

May God continue to look over us in our new home.

Contributed by Lester Lee
Member of Management Committee of St. John's Home 



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