Grandparents' Day 2020

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Grandparents' Day 2020

Posted by Monica Chia on 13-Nov-2020 10:46:39
Monica Chia

Grandparents Day Singapore 2020 is on 22 November.
Even though Grandparents Day Singapore was first established 22 years ago, few people know about it.  Maybe it is something that is not commercially viable?  What would you buy for your grands?  Few have any idea and it doesn't help that the market in Singapore is not well catered to the needs of seniors.  Without any economic benefits, merchants will not push for any promotions to "Celebrate Grandparents Day".
However, you may already have the present your grandparents want: your smile and maybe your afternoon with them watching the mid-afternoon soap on TV.

Here, we publish a two-part series from a group of students from CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent.  This is part of their group's Value-In-Action project where they want to raise awareness of the well being of grandparents especially during this pandemic.

Part 1 (publish on 13 Nov): My turn to care for my grandparents.
Part 2 (publish on 18 Nov): My tha-that and I: A mini story of Maasha Anisha and her grandfather.

What would you do to celebrate Grandparents' Day?

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